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Tofu Green Curry (Vegetarian)

Recipe by celebrity chef Phol Tantasathien


(for 1-2 serves)

Firm Tofu150g
MAE PLOY Vegetarian Green Curry Paste40g
Pea Eggplant30g
Thai Eggplant3pcs
Baby Corn40g
Carrot (Diced)40g
Rice Bran Oil1Tbsp
Palm Sugar40g
Light Soy Sauce1Tbsp
CHAOKOH Coconut Milk400ml
Kaffir Lime Leaf (Shredded)2Leaves
Sweet BasilFor Serving
Red Chili (diagonal cut)For Serving


  • Cook green curry paste with oil until fragrant, add half of coconut milk, stir and bring it up to the boil. Once coconut cream and curry paste mixed, add the remaining coconut milk.
  • Bring it up to the boil, add all of the rest ingredients, simmer until eggplant tender and transfer to a serving bowl.
  • Garnish with sweet basil and red chili.
  • Serve with Cooked Jasmine Rice.

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